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realize ─ jack johnson,



summary: jack’s known y/n for his entire life. he’s also been in love with her his entire life but he doesn’t come to this realization until now. no smut, but i just really needed to write a cute fluffy imagine for johnson cause he’s the biggest cutie ever.


Jack’s breath comes out in labored pants as he runs along side his friends, the group of them completely caught up in their game of soccer. The little kids run, shouting and laughing as their soccer game continues. It’s when the soccer ball gets kicked over towards the sand pit that Jack finally comes to a stop, leaning forward, trying to catch his breath. His eyes follow the ball, as it comes to a complete stop next to a little girl.

She’s got her hair tied up in two pig tails, she’s clad in a frilly little floral dress and she’s idly playing in the sand pit by herself. Her attention focuses on the ball that stopped next to her, and she stands up, ready to kick it back towards the boys.

"Wait! You can’t kick the ball back to us!" Gilinsky calls as he’s standing next to Jack. The girl’s expression twists into confusion.

"Why?" she calls back, questioning him. Gilinsky shrugs, pondering for a moment before replying to her. “‘Cause you’re a girl! Girls can’t play soccer or any sport," he finally answers. The rest of the boys nod in agreement, but Jack stays silent, curiously staring at the girl who now has a determined expression on her face.

"Yeah? Well, watch me!" The girl shouts at him, before swinging her leg and kicking the ball with full force. The soccer ball blurs before his eyes, it zooms towards them and ends up hitting Gilinsky in the chest, causing the little boy to fall forward and clutch at the area of pain. Jack’s eyes widen at the girl who now wears a confident smile. He watches as she dusts off the skirt of her dress and turns, walking away as if nothing had even happened. He hears Gilinsky groan as he stands up, but Jack pays no attention to him.

"I’m going to marry that girl someday," Jack murmurs, his lips curving into a smile before focusing back on the soccer game that resumed.

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